Due for release September 30th, 2016

Excessive mining, human pollution and war have left the earth devastated and all but inhabitable to humans. A Dome, built over the city of Sydney and controlled by the tyrant Silmac, protects what is possibly the last bastion of civilisation.

When Silver is abandoned out in the badlands by her salvage crew, she must fight for survival to make it back to safety. But she soon finds that the Dome no longer offers the protection it once did, as she faces betrayal, makes new alliances and uncovers secrets that will bring her into conflict with Silmac himself.

The Spartan, Book 1; Lions & Lambs

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In the 5th Century BC the warlike state of Sparta is in a rare period of peace. It is a fragile peace; there is unrest among Sparta's slave population of helots, while their Hellenes' rivals, the Athenians, are ambitious and steadily growing their fledgling empire, threatening Sparta's dominance over the Greek states.

When Brasidas finds a prematurely born babe left out in the wild to die, he deems it strong enough to have a shot at life and decides to rescue it. The seasoned Spartan warrior fights off a young and hungry lion, and returns the baby boy to his parents, naming him Leon.

But Brasidas' gift of life may be in vain, as the young Leon faces the brutal military school of Sparta, makes an enemy of a future king, and finds his fate entwined with that of the lion.